Monday, August 21, 2006

T-minus 10....

So we're 10 days from leaving. The number of to-do items on my list seems to grow at exactly the same rate at which it's shrinking. We're itemizing, sorting, estimating, tossing and donating. Addresses are changed, VOIP setup (we'll still have a working 408 phone number), documents signed, checklists re-checked. And with our friends, we're dining, hugging, and saying "maybe we'll squeeze in one last visit before we go."

Reality that this really is happening is setting in. I'm excited and stressed (very close to Scary-Fun for those from early Ariba days). It is funnily like going off to college as a freshman; it's a new and bigger world where things work differently, but it's sure to be an adventure.

Hank and I will be sending out email with our new address/phone number within the next few days. Our ability to be reached via phone/cell may start to get a bit spotty next week as we transfer and close up accounts, so electronic means would probably be the best way to make sure a message gets to us. We fly out Thursday 8/31 (arriving Friday) and hopefully will be all set to move into the new flat!

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