Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin

So, now that I'm back in California, the bulk of the relocation work is starting to kick into high gear. I've had the moving company come buy to estimate how much we'll be air shipping and how much will go by "ground" (a 20' sea container). I'm really glad to have the flat figured out and know what furniture/cooking supplies/other miscellaneous junk we'll need to bring with us. The flat will only have the basic furniture (sofa, dining set, coffee table, beds, and typical-British-not-enough-space closets. The rest will be up to us.

Most of the rest of our belongings will go into storage for the time we're away. We're trying to divest ourselves of a couple of automobiles (anyone want a VW Jetta or bus? or both? We'll strike a really great deal if you take 'em both...) and sorting through drawers and closets for a big drop to Goodwill. I know we'll get back home next year and look through all the stuff we haven't needed for a year and wonder what to do with it, but I always have a hard time getting rid of things before moving. True that it does make more sense to get rid of things before having to lug them around, but since I'm blissfully NOT doing the packing this time, my motivation is not quite as strong.

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