Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Final frenzy

The movers/packers showed up bright and early this past Monday morning, and left us an empty house around 4pm. (Photos to follow in a couple of days.)

Hank and I had spent the better part of the weekend sorting things into air (5-15 days arrival), surface (4-6 weeks arrival) and storage (don't see it till 9/07) piles. We only got 250lbs of air shipment so we really had to figure out what essentials we'd need for about a month. We over-shot by only 10lbs (I had thought it'd have been a lot more, actually), so it worked out alright.

Tuesday and all this morning I've been running some last errands, packing up my desk at work, waiting for the visas to be delivered (which they just were - yay!), and so on. It's definitely been pretty crazy!

Anyway, I am really excited to finally be going! It seems strange, like it's just a very, very long vacation (except for the whole having to work thing). I'll miss everyone a lot, but I know the year will go by a lot faster than I think it will...and we look forward to having lots of visitors while we're there!

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