Thursday, August 24, 2006

One more week

We have a flat! OK, so we sorts 'had' the flat before, but I've finally received all of the documents and lease agreements for it. It's the last really major portion of our move that hadn't been truly signed off on. We'll be living in an area called Westbourne Grove. It's a 5 minute walk from two separate tube stations on 3 different tube lines, which makes it really easy to get anywhere else in the city. There are tons of restaurants, small grocery stores and even -count'em- TWO cooking supply shops within a 2 minute walk! There isn't a very large full service grocery store within walking distance, but so many stores deliver for a low fee that we can stock up on bulky or heavy items maybe once per month and just pick up fruit, vegetables and other fresh stuff at the smaller markets near the flat.

This weekend's plans (besides celebrating Hank's bday) are a lot of sorting things into piles according to shipping method (air vs land/sea), packing and generally getting more organized. The packers show up bright and early Monday morning, and we'll de-camp to my dad and step-mom's house until we leave on Thursday.

In other news, I was officially granted the UK work permit early this week, and I shipped off the permit, marriage certificate, passports other omg-please-don't-lose-it documentation to the British consulate for our visas. We can't leave until we get those back, and the timing is a bit tight, so please think positive thoughts. (How embassies get away with working 5 hours a day is beyond my comprehension. I totally need that gig.)

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