Monday, February 26, 2007

Wrapping up

I've got about a day and a half before my flight back to London, and I've been busy trying to figure out exactly how all of the stuff we bought will make it back to London. :D Hey - it's all so cheap!! I've stocked up on yarn (not like I don't have miles and miles of the stuff in London, but after going to the knitting convention and buying all these new cool patterns, I can't be expected NOT to stock up... that'd be just wrong!), some baking supplies (the surprising lack of Dutch-processed cocoa in England being one of the things coming back with me), new clothes & shoes...

So, besides decent prices on EVERYTHING here in the good ol' US of A, what did I miss? Funny you asked - I've got a top five list!

5. Listening to the radio. I didn't really realize that I never listen to the radio in London. I usually am traveling by tube, so I just play MP3s.
4. Singing along to music during my commute. Doing so in the tube is frowned upon.
3. Stores that stay open late. Like past 6. Sure, London has some grocery stores that stay open kinda late, but nothing generally helpful when you have an impulse to knit those pair of socks you're dying to try but you're fresh out of size 2mm double-pointed needles and self-patterning yarn.
2. Not having to wear a heavy wool coat all the time. Or hat. Or gloves. Or bring an umbrella.

and finally the number one (drum roll please....)
1. SUN!

I know that last one is sort of a gimme given that I do live in England, which does have a bit of a reputation.

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