Tuesday, February 20, 2007

16 degrees latitude does make a difference

Apparently I chose my dates to visit California pretty perfectly. It's been alternating between usual London-ish type weather (cloudy, and some pretty strong rain) and beautiful, sunny, fabulous days of 70 degrees F (21 C for those who who care). The difference in the strength of the sun (when there *is* sun to be seen in London) is pretty dramatic. I've managed to get in some time lounging outside recently to try and look a tad less ghostly.

I'm starting my 3rd week of being back in CA; I'd only intended to be here 2, but had to extend for work-reasons another 10 days. My first week was working in the office, and my second week was vacationing with Hank (though it's an odd concept to vacation at your own hometown). H and I spent quite a bit of time shopping with the bargain that is the US Dollar, seeing different family and friends, some more shopping. Hank's suitcase for his flight back to London just barely eeked by the weight limit! "Hey, I can't get good baking chocolate chips over in London, Mr Customs Officer!!"

Coming home after 6 months definitely felt odd. Everything seems a bit more garish than I had remembered it. England is just different enough to cause a bit of culture shock. I've also enjoyed checkout out what little changes have happened since I left - new buildings popping up, friends' kids getting bigger, etc. The highlight has been seeing everyone I've missed for so long! And oh, how I've missed the cafes at work.... mmm. The revised cafe in London just opened yesterday, so hopefully a lot of the effort I've put into promoting changes will pay off there as well!

I'm still in California for another 8 days or so, but I am looking forward to not traveling for a while and being home with Hank and the kittens (he propped them up in front of the webcam last night for me to see, but it's definitely not the same as waking up with one of 'em on your hip and one on your head).

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