Monday, March 26, 2007


Having a tiny bit of free time this evening (and a cat fast asleep and dreaming of something that's making her paws all twitchy) I figured I'd give a bit of a post between trips, house guests and the normal chaos of work.

The day after I got back from Cali, our friend Annie came for a visit. Mostly she museum-ed herself out, as Hank and I were busy with work, but we had a few great days together. She and I managed a manic day filled with shopping, looking at very old crap in museums, more shopping, followed by tea at Kensington Palace Orangery, and perhaps a bit more shopping together. She even finished her first knitting project at my local Stitch & Bitch meeting - a fabulously chic cap! (Post the friggin' pics, Buckethead!!) My brother also stopped by for two quick visits - seriously, though, I think he just comes for the waffles.

I got back this past Sunday from Switzerland - we had an engineering meeting in Davos (pronounced by the Swiss as daVOS!), then worked for a day in the Zurich office. Davos was the most fabulous snow I've ever skied on ever ever ever... for all of 2 runs. The top of the mountain was two tram rides (about 15-20 minutes) up, completely in clouds, and had been snowing for the past 3-4 days pretty steadily. It was that white fluffy goodness of snow that I've never had in California (a few thousand feet in altitude really DOES make a difference). But it was so hard to see between the snow and the low cloud cover that the only way I could tell how steep the run was by skiing behind people and seeing how far down they were (that was when it was possible to see the people in front of you, of course). So, I headed downhill to have a rosti and a beer for lunch. I just classify it as re-prioritizing.

This Thursday we're off on exotic adventure involving some desert, a hookah, and possibly a camel or two. And Burningman is still 5 months away! ;)

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