Monday, October 16, 2006


Stuff - we have it now. Specifically our stuff, at least most of it... our surface shipment with the rest of our clothes, shoes (ooh, how I missed my boots), DVDs, a zillion of Hank's CDs, and just a *few *cooking items arrived this Saturday. I swear I was unpacking this one large box of cooking tools for a solid 40 minutes - it was bottomless! Unpacking took up the majority of the weekend, but it's nice to have this place feel more like our home. And now I can start doing some serious baking - yay! There is one box of stuff that seems to be missing - I am for now assuming it was mistakenly put in storage rather than lost somewhere. But if you see a couple of cast iron pans and a large stock pot looking somewhat lost between London & California, please let me know.

This week Hank and I will be flying to different countries for a couple of days (wow, it is strange to think about that). I'm headed for Dublin for work, and Hank heads out to Germany for a boardgame convention. It's a close race as to which of us is geekier at this point, I think. We're also trying to get in a long weekend in Brussles in the next few weeks. Mmmm.... chocolate....


Julien said...

Ah ah very nice! On the geeky side, I believe Hank will play with Ted in Germany, and Randy in London - the Yahoo! Boardgaming mafia knows no frontiers :)

If you go to Brussels, don't forget the beer (I don't think Hank will ;) ), and the famous mussels and fries!

Charly said...

Mmmmm..... Lambics!