Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Hank Perspective

So, what's London like? A massive ball of people, cars, shops and buildings. Since I mostly speak English (American at least), things have been fairly easy.

London is a city of discovery, which really appeals to my ADD addled mind, which leads to many hours of just roaming around the city in search of something interesting. Walking in London can lead from aged churches to sex shops in a matter of seconds.

My favorite discoveries so far:
  • Rough Trade Records
  • Sister Ray Records
  • La Casa del Habanos (fantastic selection of bourbon and Cuban cigars)
  • The Umbrella Store (sword canes)
I also discovered the Holga 120cfn just before we left for England. This little wonder is a cheap, plastic medium format camera. Your average photo geek would sneer at the lack of macro or lenses the size of cannon barrels. While I do love our SLR Digital, the Chinese built Holga produces some amazing images and encourages playful photography.

The shot above was taken in a underground station with multi-exposures and a tad bit of hand movement. I think this shot hits the heart of my feelings for London. Colorful. Bright. Fleeting. Things are always in a state of flux.

Check out my Holga shots on Flicker

As to concerts, music is plentiful here in London and it is nice to be able to light out on a week night in search of some sounds. My first London concert (well, unless you count back in March for the Fonal Records Tour), was the recent Sunn o))) show. RUMBLE.

Hopefully Danielle and I will be seeing Pram Halloween night.

So far, London has been great.

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Julien said...

Hey cool to see life is nice and easy :)
The cats sort of liked Halloween - check our blog :)