Friday, August 24, 2007

One week left

So a week from today, Hank and I fly to Florence to begin about 2 weeks of vacation. I have such a hard time believing that it's really been a full year we've lived here! It's especially hard to believe that it's the end of summer, because we really have had a crappy summer in England. It's winding up to be the wettest summer on record... lucky us!!

In terms of the actual process of moving, this past week was crazy-insane just trying to get everything coordinated. I wound up having to reschedule the day the movers were coming to be a day earlier since the people who need to inspect our flat when we move out were incredibly inflexible about the one time they could show up. So coordinating our actual packing time with getting in cleaners, taking the cats to the airport, planning a two-week vacation, coordinating dinners and drinks with friends, AND Hank's birthday on Monday... crazy-insane, as I said. But at least there's been a good stock of dark chocolate at work, so the body count is fairly low.

Comparatively I haven't thought much about the vacation that we're going on - the whole moving thing has sort of been what I've been working on. But we're going to Florence & Venice, then depending on how timing work out, Vienna, Prague & Berlin. We realize it's a bit rushed to try to see all those places in just over 2 weeks, but at least it will give us ideas about what we'd want to come back to visit in the future. There are so many places that we still want to see that we didn't get to while living here... we'd need at least another 5 years over here! (And that's only if we don't have to work... I better start buying some lottery tickets.)

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