Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The rain in Spain falls mainly in...England?

OK, so I know I've been complaining to everyone that this summer has been raining constantly. I can count on one hand the number of times in the last 2 months that we've seen two non-rainy days together. We'll occasionally get a sunny afternoon, or *gasp* even a full 24 hours without rain. But then it turns back into truly crappy weather.

London itself (at the moment) isn't under the water that places just to the north, west & south of us are. But we've definitely had our fair share of impacts:
- Our building gym is flooded. It'd just been refurbished after flooding just before we moved in. Grrr.
- Most of the restaurants we tried to eat at within about 3 blocks of our flat had flooded last Friday.
- About 1/5 of the stores I saw in Notting Hill/Portobello Rd were closed last Saturday, at the height of tourist season, because their roofs had leaked or the sewer lines overflowing had flooded their basements.
- The tube system was at least 60% blocked (not just delayed) for most of Friday & a lot of Saturday.

So, when I said it was raining a LOT, you believe me now, dontcha??

BTW, our flat is on the 4th floor. We haven't needed to buy a boat. Yet.

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Molly said...

Well, here in California we had rain in July which was the first recorded rain for that date since 1848. Now, it was far less than an inch, but it was rain! in July! Not that we can't use it, this being California etc. But it's kinda creepy.

I'm really sorry that your last months in London are being marred by so much rain. It's too bad you can't get out so much, you can rough it indoors anywhere. Try to enjoy it... it might be the last rain you see for a while once you leave? OK, forget I said that. Just curse the gloom, and come on home.