Monday, June 25, 2007

May flowers and June gloom

I've been meaning for ages now to post my photos from the Chelsea flower show. I took about 150 that day, so I finally had a sec to cull the list down to the ones I liked best. A lot of ones from the indoor show didn't turn out as good as I'd intended (macro zoom + flash = very challenging), but I'm overall really pleased with how lovely some of them turned out. I could have been using crayola crayons and butcher paper and any images from the show would have turned out equally amazing, though! The place was just packed with some of the most insanely gorgeous gardens and flower exhibitions I could ever imagine. (It was also wall-to-wall people.) I have all sorts of grand ideas of what I want to do to my backyard once we get home - too bad I don't have those gardeners' budgets, too!

The most amusing part of the day was the sale at the end of the show. Most of the indoor exhibitors sell off their displays - they're not allowed to disassemble anything until 4pm, but once the bell rang at 4pm, it was chaos! A lot of plants were already tagged as sold, and people came to collect huge Japanese maples or fuscia trees or bamboo or ... My mom, who went with me that day, bought some exotic flowers from one place, and I went to the daffodil display (one of my favorites of the entire show... they're just such happy flowers!) and bought a giant bouquet for £2 that had maybe 2 dozen blooms in it.

The trees and flowers around London are all still quite happy, mostly because I don't think we've gone 5 days since the start of May without at least one day of rain. Mostly it's been very overcast. Winter here wasn't all that bad, and I thought to myself, "Hey, self... this whole England thing isn't that bad." Well, actually, it really does earn its reputation for a reason.

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