Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Do they know it's crazy time at all?

December is always a busy month, and moving to London hasn't changed that at all. Work always tends to go a bit manic, and right now the only thing keeping me from working 29 hours a day are the actual fun things happening! We had a work engineering party that included a visit to the Science Museum's video game exhibition. Seeing all the games that I grew up with behind museum glass tends to make one feel prematurely old... It was amusing to see how massive the early GameBoy boxes were compared to today's (I think you could probably fit all of a PS2's hardware inside of one). That, in good English workplace form, was followed by a trip to the pub.

My brother and his wife just recently paid us a visit - we had a great time! Austin and Hank had some guy-time at which Hank discovered Austin's limit of alcohol intake (shockingly low... wuss) with a rum tasting at a Soho Cuban cigar & drinks bar. I ordered a fig and vanilla daquiri which was a very girly thing to order, but OMG that was tasty. So between that place and the local Tiki bar (called the Trailer of Happiness), we've definitely scoped out nice local watering holes. Janine is also a fellow knitter, so we scoped out a couple of knit shops, then went out for a lovely cream tea (cream tea = scones with jam & devonshire cream + tea) at Kensington Gardens. The boys avoided such frivolous girlish things and went...Drinking! Duh.

Hank and I are staying in London for Christmas, and our friend and co-worker Amy has kindly adopted us for the season. Christmas eve dinner is at her mom's, and Boxing day lunch is at her aunt's! I'm still learning about a lot of the differences in traditions here around Christmas, such as that you light Christmas pudding on fire with brandy but not Christmas cake. And Christmas crackers are *seriously* better than the cheapy little ones we'd ever get in the US. Harrods had boxes of crackers for the hefty price of £799 for 5 crackers. Apparently Tiffany also makes custom crackers... I wonder if Santa's still taking requests? ;)

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