Friday, November 17, 2006

Bienvenue a Bruxelles...part 1

Hank and I took the Eurostar from London to Brussels on Thursday evening - it's incredibly odd to be in a different country across a body of water with no major jet lag and never having left the ground... and it was all in under 3 hours!

Our adventure today took us to a city called Bruges (or Brugge, depending on what language you're speaking). It is a stunning city with quaint little cobblestone streets, a lovely canal bordered in trees wearing the colors of fall, and waffles. OMG there are waffles everywhere. And they're tasty. There's also a chocolate shop about every 15 feet. Those are tasty, too. And I shouldn't forget about the beer. Each beer has its own specially shaped glass. One store we went into must have had a couple hundred different varieties... it was all I could do to manage to get Hank to leave the store.

We'd had plans to go to a tapas restaurant for dinner, but as that didn't work out as planned, we wound up at a lovely mediterranean/French place called Bonsoir Clara. We both loved our meals, and Hank tried a local spirit (we keep forgetting the name) that tasted like a very floral sake with a vodka chaser. And Hank kept talking about it having something melon-flavored (he claimed honeydew, specifically), but I think he was just trying to impress me. ;)

Tomorrow we wander Brussels and see what's to see, and yes, to have des moules et frites! (hold the mayo)

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Julien said...

I'm curious about that stuff Hank drank... floral sake/vodka? Sounds good!

Did Danielle use her French in Bruges?